Ledger 1.18

Keep details and statistics in a simple, yet powerful, bookkeeping tool
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Displays the account balance and keeps track of all the added transactions with dynamic calculation and standard accounting. It supports report generation as well.

Ledger is an accounting program that was designed to help business owners create a general ledger or a cashbook. One of its foremost advantages is that, although it provides numerous and varied accounting services, the program is easy to install and occupies little hard disk space.

Ledger can be used for managing both personal and business finances. You may also perform double-entry bookkeeping using this utility. When working with accounts, you may access a list of predefined account types from, which you are able to choose the one most convenient for your needs: asset, liability, equity, income, and expense. Both accounts and cashbooks have specific fields to be completed.

Unfortunately, one disadvantage of this utility is that it requires you to mainly use keyboard commands in order to edit accounts and cashbooks. The interface only includes few buttons for the operations you might need to make. As such, the program eventually comes across as less intuitive than it initially appears, when you first encounter its simple-looking user interface.

To conclude with, Ledger constitutes a piece of software for performing basic accounting operations. It straightforwardly allows double-entry bookkeeping, and it provides you with substantial information both on how to use it at its full potential, and on how to grasp the basics of accounting theory.

Margie Smeer
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  • Free
  • Allows for double-entry bookkeeping to be performed


  • Less intuitive than it could appear to be at a first glance
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